LivJoy has partnered with the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina to create the LivJoy Post Doctoral Fellowship. The Livjoy Fellowship will support the training of a post doctoral researcher to become a pioneer in the quest to uncover the uniqueness of females with Fragile X.

postdoctoral fellowship at the university of South Carolina to study females with fragile X syndrome

The LivJoy Foundation supports well-managed, high-performing organizations that align with our areas of focus. Applications for grants are by invitation only. The Foundation does not currently accept unsolicited proposals. 

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Fragile X girls are capable of achieving great things, such as independence, creativity, leadership, and teamwork. At LivJoy, we focus on what they can be, rather than their weaknesses or deficiencies. To be their best selves, Fragile X girls must find their place, their people, and their path. 

We are developing a program to assist girls and women with Fragile X in attending camp, enrolling in supportive school programs, and participating in any nurturing program that enhances their lives. Our goal is to create a directory of programs and services that support females with Fragile X, and to award the LivJoy FragileXGirl Grant to women and girls to enable their participation in life-enriching support services. 

We would like to hear about a program or service that has helped your Fragile X Girl. 

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FRAXA has always been at the forefront of supporting research on Fragile X. Their efforts to find a cure for Fragile X have been unparalleled. At LivJoy, we stand in full support of FRAXA's mission. In 2022, we sponsored a two-year grant to study how serotonin levels in the brain affect males and females differently. This research has highlighted the need to consider gender differences while prescribing medications. Research has recently found unexpected differences between male and female mice: in female brains, the distribution of serotonin receptors is different from that of males, and this suggests that treatments for females might need to be different too.

LivJoy funds grant to support FRAXA Research

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